Monday, 21 May 2012

What i've been up to

  • Getting the lounge back to normal after painting.
  • Eating far too much shortbread with tea.
  • Wearing new socks.
  • Trying to eat some dinners together as a family.
  • Having cuddles with little one.
  • Picking up my sons night guard for teeth grinding and getting to keep the mould.
  • Little one dropping the mould, but thankfully only breaking one of the teeth - easily fixed with super glue.
  • Hubbies boss finding and buying the boys gelatine free Percy Pigs from M&S - i think i was actually more excited than them!!
  • Buying and loving a silk pillow case from Amazon - no more face creases in the morning ( I only got face creases once i hit 30!!)
  • Reading up all about Puppies and Labradors - we are going to have a new addition to our family when we come back from our summer holiday to Italy. Yay!!!!!!!! So excited!!
  • Pulling up weeds from the garden with the little one and realizing that its actually very good exercise - i was sweating!!
  • Monday Pilates - so much more serious than the Friday group.
  • Having wonderfully behaved boys friends over for tea and trusting them to go to the sweet shop by themselves (Just the eldest and his friend)
  • Taking the eldest to do a cub scout sponsored litter pick up - why was it my son who managed to find the full nappy????
  • Watching Giuliana and Bill and crying my eyes out when they find out they will finally become parents.
  • Being forced to watch Two and a half men by husband and now having to admit that i actually really love it.
  • Having lunch (again) by the river with my Mum - mmmmmm crumble and custard for dessert too.
  • Hubbie taking a day off so we can spend the day together while kids are at school.
  • Having lovely lunch with hubbie in Giraffe - and a sneaky lunchtime cocktail.
  • Spending my birthday vouchers in one of my favourite shops.
  • Sorting out the garden ready for summer.
  • Our neighbours cooking a lovely dinner for us at their house.
  • Trying out a new restaurant.
  • Sunday church service.
  • Taking the youngest bowling and to lunch whilst the eldest and hubbie went to watch The Avengers together.
  • Sunday roast at the in laws.
  • Giving and recieving Jubilee swaps.



Beki said...

We love two and a half men here although would never of watched if wasn't forced but so glad I was lol xx

Andi's English Attic said...

That's a lovely list. Love the look of your room. The mirror looks very much like the one in our hallway. xx

Floss said...

What a charming and varied selection of activities! The tooth mould reminds me I have to book my son in at the orthodontist's - so thank you!

Have a lovely week.

Kath said...

ooooh the living room looks lovely! Like a magazine shoot :) sounds like a glorious week with your boys, hoep some summer sun comes your way soon xxx

vintage grey said...

Great photos!! Your living room looks beautiful!! Happy Monday! xo Heather