Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A whole lot of orange and my birthday!!

So i said i'd show you the little boys room. I actually really like the orange now. It goes well with the blue bedding/curtains. It is very very bright though!!! Even at night when it is dark the little one looks like an oompah loompah when he faces the wall!! hee hee!! Only one wall should ever be painted in this colour!! Little boy even wanted the ceiling painted!!

Yesterday was my birthday. I have had a few days of celebrations. Dinner at my fave local with my dad and his wife/ Breakfast by the sea with my boys/ A night out clubbing and at the casino/ Indian take away with my Mum and the in laws and then on my actual birthday.......

....... My husband had to go into work on Bank holiday Monday :(  It was originally booked off for us to all do something as a family. But hey, these things happen. The lovely man set up everything for me when i woke up. The eldest brought in a tray of tea things (Tea made in a flask) and all my cards and pressies. Then with my hubbie on the phone and my son carrying in an egg free Maya gold chocolate birthday cake, they all sang happy birthday to me.

I love Blue lotus cakes!!!!! My husband also got me a victoria sponge cake for my birthday dinner the day before. The Maya gold chocolate cake was too rich for everyone else - but not for me! oh no!! cake can never be too rich in my opinion!!!

My lovely gifts:

After tea and cake for breakfast, the boys and i headed up to London. We stopped by my husbands work with a box of chocolate cake for everyone there. Then we headed to a very busy Tower of London. The rain held off for us there which was great. The boys loved seeing the Queens coronation crown, the armour, and the soldiers marching up and down:

We then met the hubbie for dinner before heading back home to curl up on the sofa once the boys had gone to bed to watch a film.

Mmmmmm and now to today:

The last ever post at A year of 30 is now up!!! If you have enjoyed following me there, all is not lost. From now on i will be sharing weekly posts here, at this blog, called quite simply ' what i have been up to'.


Lovely things:

1) My eldest son is so caring and sweet (yes, he can also be a little sod too) but he made my birthday so lovely, whilst my husband couldn't be there.
2) Being asked for I.D on my birthday night out - whilst the younger members of our party weren't :)
3) Cake for breakfast for the next few days.


Kath said...

HOw very lovely indeed! Happy belated birthday, and what a tremendous haul of pressies. Hope you enjoyed your cake brekkie :0)xxx

magie said...

I am pleased to hear you had a lovely Birthday :) That cake looks delicious..yummy! What pretty gifts as well..is that little bunny the night light one? I just bought that a month ago for the soon to be little ones room.
I loved visiting the tower of London, I found it so interesting. I have been there twice and both times really enjoyed it.
I like the orange painted wall in your son's room..I think you are right though in saying one wall is most likely all you would want in a room.
I am happy to hear you will continue the photo's from your other blog, on this blog..I do enjoying looking at them :)
Have a lovely day
Magie x

Isobel said...

What a lovely birthday you had. Happy Birthday, Hun!
Your pressies are all first class! :)

Paula said...

It sounds like you have had lots of wonderful birthday fun! Happy belated birthday oooo all that cake for breakfast! lol.

I rather like the orange wall in your sons room. You are only young once!

P x

Penelope said...

Hi there
Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's nice to meet you. A very happy birthday for yesterday, looks like such a treat with your cake and London trip with your boys and then on the couch with hubby to watch a movie. My kind of birthday! As for cake for breakfast, well if you can't with your birthday cake then when can you! Enjoy xox Penelope

vintage grey said...

Happy Birthday!! It looks like you had a most lovely day, and are still enjoying the goodies!! Have a wonderful week!! xo Heather

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a really fab day with such a great start with the cake and tea bought to you in bed.
I see a few pressies from the dotcom gift shop in your haul they are great aren't they.
Lisa x

Jay said...

What a lovely birthday few days you had - nothing is better than cake for breakfast!