Saturday, 7 May 2011

Its my Birthday!!!

I have lots of lovely things planned - will tell you all next week. So as i leave my 20's behind i leave you with this poem i found:

Today, you're 30
My oh my
How the years
Have hurtled by
Left your twenties
Way behind
Will your thirties
Be so kind?
It's getting harder and harder
To hold the tum in
No time for the gym,
Trying to stay thin
Getting all dolled up
For a special night out
Gets harder, takes longer
What's that all about?
A night out with the girls
Was a regular date
Now it has to be planned
And you still end up late
The days when time
Was just for you
Now have to be shared
With others too
But these days will return,
By and by
When from the nest
, The kids do fly
You'll have lots of time
Not be down in the mouth
Trying to stop all your bits
From traveling south


Florence and Mary said...

Happy Birthday!

Have a great day and hope you're thoroughly spoilt,

Victoria xx

LaaLaa said...

Happy Birthday! xx

Kandi said...

Happy Birthday lovely! That poem brought a smile as someone in there *ahem* late 30's it rang so true!
Hope you are being spoiled today.
Kandi x

Isobel said...

Happy Birthday!!
I am getting closet o my mid 30's and so far I have been loving every single time of my 30's journey. I can say to you with confidence, it is not scary at all as many may think. ;)
Lots of love,

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Wishing you a very Happy 30th Birthday xxx

Have a lovely day :)

Pink Milk said...

Many, many happy returns you spring chicken you!

Love the poem - quick note about the 'heading south' bit ... not wanting to worry you but, by the time you're facing 40, it's more about stopping things heading east and west as well as south!!! ;-}

Enjoy the rest of your special day.


swedishouse said...

Hej Lisa

Happy 30TH Birthday
I LOVED being 30 best age ever ;-D

P.S. Last Sunday I was sitting in Ocean Bar Thorpe Bay for a good old English cooked breakfast with my besty and a lovely walk along to the beach huts at shoeburyness...she was thinking about buying one...Thanks for the recommendation ;-) x

BuTtOnZ said...

happy birthday hun xx

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday! Trying hard to remember what 30 looked like....especially now that 40 is looming!!! LOL!! Cx

Lisa said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy all your special celebrations.
Lisa x

bibbitybob said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday lovely xx

Lobes said...

Have a wonderful birthday and Happy Mother's Day from the U.S. today!!

Mrs B said...

My lovely lovely lissy!! Happy birthday! I am wish I could bring you a cake!

I also loved thirty! You feel free of the obligation to be twenty something! Have a wonderful new decade!


sécia said...

Happy birthday! I too will turn 30 this year. Love the poem!

♥ sécia

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
30 is most defiantly the best age,hope you enjoy your celebrations.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Happy birthday you spring chicken you, I am a few years ahead of you but will be forever 25 in my head :-) Have a fab week. x

Lululiz said...

Darn, I missed your birthday, sorry! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Happy belated 30th Birthday xxx