Monday, 8 November 2010

Notebook Monday - X'mas lists - part 1

-I love the homeware at Urban Outfitters. This cup is gorgeous.

-What a beautiful idea!! Vintage pots/compacts with lipbalm inside.

-Great fun for gardeners and kids.

-This is on my wishlist - a beautiful new book of photos. You can purchase it on my Amazon list (Side Bar)

-I completely love the look of Mrs Whites Christmas house cleaners and body washes

-I still love my red john Lewis sewing machine - but i really hope they have this one when i need another one!!



a mermaids purse said...

how very festive ;0)x
love the vintage trinkets idea with lip balms and those lovely knitted gloves...and mr bungy jumping fat balls for the birds hehehe...when i worked in a small hardware shop fat balls were our biggest seller...;0)xxxx

daisychain said...

that pink sewing machine is amazing.

bellaboo said...

Did you see those gorgeous pictures of Audrey Hepburn in the YOU magazine on Sunday.She was such a elegant,beautiful woman.
Love that seed 'man'! :o)

Annie said...

I love the idea of the lip balms in vintage containers and the labels on the Christmas cleaning products are great too.
Ann x

Caroline Cakewise said...

I love your inspirational quote in the sidebar! And the pink sewing machine! Everything on here, in fact. :) Cambridge would be such a lovely place to get engaged! I hope you have a lovely visit - stop me and say hello if you pass by! ^^ xx

kat said...

I have this jlewis sewing machine in mint green :)