Thursday, 18 November 2010

Another Year

I went to see this thought provoking film last night.

Here is the Easy Living review that made me want to see it:

Mike Leighs latest film takes an unrelenting candid look at the happiness of everyday Brits.
Tom and Gerri are a middle-aged couple who bumble along, tending to their allotment and the cast of waifs and strays (colleagues, family members and old friends) who visit their home. The story itself remains oblique, the film is quartered into seasons filled with familiar events - a birth, a death, barbecues, drunken dinner parties, introduction, friendships. Positivity and security are pitted against loneliness and desperation, as another year passes by. Perplexing, disconcerting and uplifting, this is a brave exploration of criss-crossing emotional trajectories and the buoyancy of the human spirit.

I cam out feeling uplifted but a little sad for some of the Characters.
I love films like this that send a message, it has made me even more determined to look for the good in life.



Twiggy said...

I agree 100% I think when I finally realised I needed to make my own happiness, I realised I was indeed happy!!
Twiggy x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

I like Mike Leigh films. When I get the chance to see them. I have always had a bit of a thing for gritty British films. When i was younger I used to love a lot of the sixties "Kitchen sink dramas" that they made back then. Such like Up the Junction, Georgie girl and Poor Cow. I dont know why they appeal. I would think its because of the human emotions that move the films along. I like to come away sometimes from a film with something to ponder for a while to come.

I have seen this film advertised and fancied it. Now i definately want to see it!