Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New things, a swap and am i missing something?

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Oh sew beautiful is hosting a cupcake swap. Head over there by clicking on my link in the sidebar.

There is something i have been meaning to ask for a while:

Some bloggers comment on comments on there own blogs. I don't really understand this. Doesn't that mean that if you want to see if a blogger has commented on your own comment, you have to keep going back to blogs to see if they have replyed to you? Or am i missing something? Is there a way that lets you know that someone has commented??

I would much prefer bloggers to come to my blog and comment if they want to reply to a comment i had left. Goodness knows how many comments i've probably missed in the past. I really haven't got the time to go back to each blogger i've commented on to see if they have replyed!!



Florence and Mary said...

I'm the same as you I comment on blogs and then won't visit again until a new post pops up so if a reply comes on there I won't see it, I was thinking on posting about this myself following my advice on adding your email address to your comments/having them received by email.

Victoria xx

Gem said...

Often if someone has left me a comment on my blog I tend to reply to this by emailing a response. Again like yourself and Victoria I rarely go back to a post I have commented on to see future comments that are left xxx

Amanda said...

I see this quite often, OK for me to see but does the other commenter before me see it? Difficult one. I suppose it a public acknowledgment if the poster does'nt have time to respond to everyone? Still not quite getting it though.

I get my comments by email and I can reply by email, easy peasy.

Bohomumma said...

I do this sometimes (reply to a comment by posting another) because someone once had a go at me for never responding on my blog to comments that were there (I'd always left another comment at the commenter's blog, as you advocate above). Now I tend to do a mix of the two - post a follow up comment below the commenter's comment, and then visit their blog and comment/reply. If a commenter asked a direct question though, I would reply to them by email/on their blog, to be sure they got the reply. Can't please all of the people...

Sew,ray,me said...

I think the problem is that many people who leave comments are 'no reply bloggers' so the person whose blog it is cannot actually reply to them via email (which is the 'norm') so they do it via their own blog so as to acknowledge the comment - if that makes sense.

Your email address shows up in your profile so if anyone wants to reply to you directly, they can - so shouldn't have to comment on their own blog.

Pretty at Heart said...

I agree with you. If someone comments on my post and I want to reply to them, I pop over to theirs and just leave a message on their last post.

Christals Creations said...

Just popping over to say Hi. Thanks for coming and leaving a comment earlier. I suppose this answers the question that I tend to go to the persons blog and comment. Unless for some reason I can't and then I do reply on my own now and again.

The White Bench said...

That sound strange to me, I never go back to see where I commented
:-O... Well, I suppose I missed tons of comments too!!!
I always go and reply on the person's blog, or via email if it is a private question. Equally, I do appreciate when people do that with me.
Monica xo

belleandboo said...

ha, just spent a fortune over at H&M home shop!

Sew,ray,me said...

Oops - I left you a comment on this post saying that your email address shows up in your profile - actually, it doesn't!

Which is unfortunate as I need to contact you to let you know you've won my giveaway over at !

Please contact me with your postal address so that I can get your goody bag sent to you as soon as poss! Congratulations x

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