Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I have had a lucky week. I had the winning bid on ebay for 2 printers trays - i'm delighted with them!!
And i won 2 giveaways below. The first from Victoria plum and the second from Simply H designs. Thank you so much you lovely ladies.

I used the envelope from Helen to put a handmade pressie in for my hubby on Valentines day:

-It was quite interesting to read on this post, that a lot of you are going off of Country Living magazine. I have to agree. I haven't renewed my subscription (although i may, if they have a good deal when i go to the country living fair in March)

I did buy it today though as i often like the Spring issues - its ok.
I am liking Homes and antiques, but i'm really loving country homes and interiors - i have now subscribed for 2 years.

From Homes and antiques:

I really enjoy home magazines - i love to cut out all the pics i like once i have finished reading to put in my scrapbook.

Whilst my home is looking particularly tidy i thought i'd show you a few rooms. Not quite good enough for country homes and interiors - but maybe one day.......



Lynn said...

Bloomin' 'eck Country home mags eat yer hearts out - I think your home is just fab :)
Thanks for the guided tour - loved it!

a mermaids purse said...

your house is sooooo beatiful- what a wonderful placey to live- ive always admired your dolls houses ;0)xxxx its also alot tidier than mine- think i love too many things out on show hehehe x
that homes mag is defo worth buying x

a mermaids purse said...

....p.s wanted to say Wowza at the printing trays im always looking out for them ;0)...wonderful way to show off little collections of lovely things ;0)x

Pretty at Heart said...

There's nothing I like better than nosying round people's homes! So thank you for sharing yours with us! Lovely! I must put some more of my rooms on my blog soon!

Homes and Antiques is one of the few house mags I dont read - but think I might just have to invest in yet another one - looks good!

Florence and Mary said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the printer trays!

You have a lovely home you lucky lady!

Victoria xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Congrats on the giveaway prizes. Very nice.

I love printers' drawers. I have two for my collection of 'little things'. Interesting that you have shown them that way up as I always hang them with the handle at the top. xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Well my first attempt at leaving you a message was sabbotaged by blogger. Here it is again:

Congrats on the two giveaway prizes. Very nice.

I love printers' drawers. I have two for my collection of 'little things'. Interesting that you have shown them that way up as I always hang them with the handle at the top. xx

Lisa said...

Congrats on the trays, they are lovely, what's going in them?
Loved the peek into your home,it's very stylish.
Lisa x

Pink Milk said...

Wow, your home is just lovely and soooo tidy.

Country Homes & Interiors gets my vote for fave at the moment too.


PS. Had a bit of trouble emailing my details to you, hope you got them ok. x

Bohomumma said...

love your home, it is gorgeous - the dolls house struck me as being particularly lovely looking, and I love your bed too - looks very soothing and inviting!!

Interesting what you say about CL, I've gone off it a bit too, but couldn't quite put my finger on why - I thought perhaps I just needed a change, but if so many are feeling the same way, perhaps it is their problem not mine!!

Congrats on winning those giveaways, lucky you!

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping said...

Lucky you on the printers trays. I am tempted to bid on eBay but given recent events am almost certain to come across one half the price while out and about if I do! So I am trusting in the Gods of thrift to bring me one!

Apron Thrift Girl (I think) did a great post once about using a printers tray for jewellery display - that's what I want mine for - what are yours destined to hold?

Magazine wise I love 'Homes and Antiques' as I'm always trying to learn more about vintage stuff, also 'Making' for craft inspiration for the house.

Primchick said...

Mmm... cakes in Dedham? I think you may find it hard to walk past Sharon's table, with her, yummy cupcakes, lemon drizzle cakes, bakewell tarts & other fabulous Easter goodies I know she has up her domestic sleeve...
Be great to see you at the fair, & Dedham is so lovely in the Spring
Marion :o)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Gorgeous house, love your style!

kat said...

What a lovely home you have, I'm so glad I saw this post. And your dolls house is beautiful!
I still get Country Living and am finding it similar to it's always been really. I do like the garden and nature they include. Ive not had a Country Homes & interiors for a long time. I wonder what the main difference is that makes it better would you say?
Luv Kat
Ps congrats on all the prizes!