Monday, 28 February 2011

beautiful dresses and not so....

I have seen some beautiful dresses in magazines lately, its inspired me to do a post about my faves and not so faves!

Here are my faves from recent award shows:

Not completely sure if i like the necklace with the dress, but i think Amy Adams looks gorgeous.

Could this women get any more perfect?

I think Gwyneth looks fab in both these dresses, although the one below is my fave.

I think Juliette Lewis looks great here, the best i've ever seen her look.

Mila Kunis, looks gorgeous in this beautiful dress as does Mandy Moore, below.

Classy and simple- perfect for the Oscars.

This is completely gorgeous - i want this dress!! I love the colour, the style. Everything really!

Amy Adams is one beautiful lady and one of my favourite actresses. She looks very pretty here.

I love this dress, not sure if its orange or red. But its something i would wear. And her very natural make up, hair and hardly any jewellary look really elegant.

This blue dress is lovely. And i love Jessica Albas hair. I think she could have got away with no necklace though.

This is a really pretty dress and gos very well with Jameelas colouring.

I have a dress like this white lace one in red and black. I now want a white one!!

Pixie Lott looks great at the Brits. Perfect for the event and her age.

How lovely does Rachel Stevens look? Especially as shes only just had a baby.

Chanelling Rizzo from Grease. This dress is really fun. I love Sophie Ellis Bexters style!!

And some ones i'm not liking:

Oh dear, this really does nothing!!! I normally love her style.

I am a huge Anne Hathaway fan. And this dress isn't too bad. I just really don't like the ruched fabric and flowers.

Too too much for the normally stylish Eva Mendes. I think she suits clingy sexy dresses to show off her amazing figure.

Love the dress, hate the tattoos. They ruin the overall look.

Katie, Katie. Is there anyone that annoys me more in the celeb world? Nope, i don't think there is!

I think this would actually be ok if it didn't have the collar or box sleeves.

I don't think i've seen Nicole Kidman in a dress i've actually liked for years!!! She always seems to do white, i really don't think it suits her!!

The normally beautiful Sharon Stone looks more like Cruella De Vil here. Less is more Sharon!!

There are no words!

I can't stand Claudia Winklemans hair!! i like hair that is a bit shabby, but hers is always in her eyes, it must annoy her?? And the outfit? oh dear!!

What do you think??



Bohomumma said...

think you've pretty much got it spot on - some gorgeous dresses in there. I love the way that glam and style seem to be much more the way people go these days - if you're going to be honoured/seen at an event most of the public would love to go to, at least make an effort I say! Equally, going for something wierd (Bjork anyone?) just seems so attention seeking - fancy dress is best left to the under 10s

Anonymous said...

Claudia Winkleman's hair is something I regularly curse about! What the eff! I can't watch her present because all I'm concentrating on is her fringe!

Callies Cottage said...

Milas'my best dressed and Katie Price my worst!!!
Warm Wishes,
Callie x

maryannlucy said...

You have pretty much summed it up! I am in complete agreement with you x

Primchick said...

O dear Katie Price... those boobs... that orange tan... the ego... the black hair, or is that yellow hair... no! no! no!
I say!!! :oP

Diary of a Tinyholder said...

I think there's a reason her hair is in her face - I think she has a wonky eye.

lovelybones said...

Love your blog and so agree about Jordan! She could be so pretty as well. xx

Florence and Mary said...

Hasn't the awards season been great for some fabulous and not so fabulous dresses!! I have to say the Oscars was really disappointing fashion wise this year!

Victoria xx