Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Socks and stuff

I took a trip to a wildlife park to meet up with a lovely instgram friend and her family.
The otters were very friendly and chatty!!

Wow!! look at all the wonderful crafty bits my Mums friend gave me!!!!! 

Tea and biscuits for a perfect lazy Sunday after a night out with family.

New socks - really needed after holes have regularly been pointed out too me

Pink pink makes the boys wink :)

Lovely reading

Easter displays and delicious breakfasts at a local garden centre 


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Monday, 21 January 2013

What i've been up to:

Hello lovelies!!! 
Here is a round up of the last week or so:

One of my Christmas gifts got lost in the post, but now it has arrived. My lovely hubbie had seen it on my ' i want' Pinterest board. 

I am loving my Mary Engelbriet calendar. Its like opening an advent calendar every day of the year. The pictures and quotes are so lovely.

This recipe is rather yummy. It is roasted root vegetables (onion, beetroot, parsnip) cooked and then cooked for a bit longer in a sauce of balsamic vinegar and sugar. You then wrap a sheet of filo pastry over the top and tuck in. When it is taken out of the oven you turn it over and add goats cheese. 

I love to recieve The Simple Things magazine. It is very different to others. I like to sit quietly alone and devour the whole thing in one sitting. I save bits i like or cut out nice pictures to put in my scrapbooks.

Flowers from lovely friends: Starting to droop now, but i think i like them best like that.

Candlelit baths are the best.

Tea and biscuits on an old handpainted plate. I must get back to painting pottery this year. I find it very relaxing.

This has to be one of our favourite easy dinners. Just pop a couple of garlic cloves into a whole camembert and bake for about 25 mins. Share with nice bread.

I have organised a postcard swap on Instagram, This is the first postcard of 46 i will be sending throughout the year.

We have had many a game of jenga this last week

I have started crocheting again after a break because my hands have been hurting. I still can't do very much in one go, which is a right pain as i would love to sit for hours doing it. Its so relaxing, theres so many things i want to make and its a great craft to do while still getting on with day to day things like being a passenger in a car, watching t.v and sitting in a cafe.

I met up again with a lovely Instagram friend. We met at our usual cafe. Isn't this the prettiest hot chocolate?

I think everyone knows by now that i am a bit of a deer addict. Another lovely friend who i normally meet at above cafe, pointed this pretty necklace out to me. It was a bargain at £5 including p&p. I have another one coming too!! Go take a look if you are on IG or facebook - littleprettiesuk

New sign

When we had friends over for a chocolate fondue, the boys were very disappointed that they didn't get a look in. So i made a quick fondue a few days later for them:

I had been looking for this magazine everywhere. My lovely Mum found it for me. I also found this great (in fab condition) vintage ladybird book.

My eldest has now left cubs and gone up to scouts. These are the thank yous we gave his leaders:

My sons favourite board game. It was one he bought for 50p from a school bizarre a couple of years ago.

Naughty but nice. When snow threatens, my one essential to have in the house is whipped cream for hot chocolates!!!!! I know my priorities!!!! ;)

I am also taking part in 52 lists that Mooreaseal and Meetmeatmikes have set up i am using these prompts. Join me here and on instagram to see my lists. Join in too.

I love printer trays. I have already have two and another two on the way. I'd like to get some more too.

Mmmm spag bol:

Did anyone see CITV old school weekend? My eldest is particularly enjoying it. Here he is watching Knightmare.

Never ever turn done a childs cuddle :)

A spot of baking:

Nigellas coconut cake with Malibu buttercream:

An ebay bargain: Deer buttons